Varanasi Ghat Walk. India.

How do you feel closest to world’s oldest city? By walking on its ghats. Check out this video of Varanasi Ghat walk. Do susbcribe

A barefoot walk on the rocks.

It makes you realise it is ultimately the Nature which is superior and not the human, a human rather is a part of Nature and not the sovereign.

In memory-GAYA. (Poetry)

I search you in your
Faded bricks,in your
Colours incomprehensible,
Your barren mornings,in
Those sly nights.
Your pretentious laugh
Talks of that past
Flickering in your corners,
But those eyelids hide the
Present;shattered behind
The dusty mist.

KOLKATA: My Incomplete TRIP.(India).

If a place touches Fame you’ll have a set conventions for a traveller there, and it becomes a challenge to break free from that and look at it from a new angle.