Melting strides of a little Neon, synch with the fading Brown.

MAHA-YAGYA (10 Photographs)-Indian Prayer-YAJNA.

Yagya (Yajna) is a Hindu ritual, practiced since the Vedic Times, where the Priests Chant Vedic Verses (Mantra) and Agni (Holy Fire) receives offerings and sacrifices, usually of Sandalwood Shavings, Ghee etc. The fire is at the centre with worshippers and Priests around it.  The Photographs here are of the same ceremony on the occasion…


You’ll come across many(really many) varieties of Sweets, here in India. Anarsaa is one of them, quite popular in the state of Jharkhand-Bihar. Made up of Rice-Flour with the filling of Condensed milk and dry fruits. The taste will explain the reason of its popularity.   


Of a Clichéd Contrast We heard while growing up, that of Dark and Bright, that of Silence and Noise. It is years that will make you feel, what this Contrast you hear of really means. Place: Audrey House,(~160 years old building) Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.