While I see most following and admiring the West, and each trying to fit in the 'Set-Standards', I can't help my pure Indian taste, be that in music or in  the diverse traditional-food. Though no grudges against the Lovers of West, you have your freedom of choice and they've been worth at times. It rather... Continue Reading →


"Naariyal ladoo...Amaavat..Chiniya bèdaam" It's been over a decade I last saw him; the evening hawker. Those were days when we relied on neighbour's telephone and the PCO to contact our relatives. The initial years of the century, my house on the outskirts of a beautiful Indian town; Hazaribagh. Those years, barely ten houses stood in... Continue Reading →

The Herd Which Pulled Her Back.

Silence bellowing at its top, pierced her ears. The wood-shaded shelves tried hard to fill the large void of that room. Library, she assumed secluded her from every boundary of the world, but that evening changed her perception. She saw his face on every book, which sitting on its bed called- out for her to... Continue Reading →

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