A barefoot walk on the rocks.

It makes you realise it is ultimately the Nature which is superior and not the human, a human rather is a part of Nature and not the sovereign.


Maybe spending some happy time with yourself will lead you too to explore new things about yourself.

2020, Me and Literature.

Facing a situation like 2020 maynot be unheard of to us in this field, though of course difficult to accept.

Shut the Dark

Did it ‘hurl headlong’? Milton? I peep in, it’s a deep pit, never ending and there they are, walking in Circles. Dante?


While I see most following and admiring the West, and each trying to fit in the ‘Set-Standards’, I can’t help my pure Indian taste, be that in music or in the diverse traditional-food. Though no grudges against the Lovers of West, you have your freedom of choice and they’ve been worth at times. It rather…