Unlike most of my posts, this won’t be a detached one. If instead of hundreds of ‘Likes’, this post draws the attention of even 2-3 ‘readers’, I will be happy.

I belong to a very Green town of India. Greener in the past though. 20 years ago when we started living here, barely 10 houses stood with mine. Of course, there are hundreds other today. There was forest all around, recently a Highway passed through it. A Road nearby had a single gumti (Small shop) back then, these days it has minor Traffic Jams.

I am above 20 today. When I was in my late teens and comparatively incapable of understanding this ‘development’, I would fall into emotional arguments. Then I changed cities a couple of times for my higher education and saw the beauty of my Green hometown more vividly. I travelled a little, I saw the cities are all ‘developed’ but badly planned. The Trees were mostly to be found in the Outskirts or Parks. As if Trees are show pieces and Parks their museums. In fact, acres of Forest is cleared to grow Grass in a Park.

And talking of the environment appears to be a taboo, not just in India but almost everywhere. It is not a very common part of the social discourse yet. To me it seems like a wait, for everything to end for some steps to be taken.

I belong to Jharkhand, a state here. Very Green, very beautiful. Forest. But now when on the Highway or the Railway tracks here, I feel the Green patch is not as dense as it should have been. Cleared Forests as well are a very common sight. Someone older can tell the difference from 30-40 years ago,I just feel there’s something incomplete. The sudden cleared patch from a sequence of Green, is not very natural.

Elections come, Political parties come, there are agendas, Propaganda, but none talk of doing something for the environment. There’s barely something done for it. There’s mining of course. There’s more damage.

It feels like a process which has been going on much before my birth. This imbalanced development of the concrete.

There has been a wait for a revolution to come for years now. I think there won’t any. All that can be done is small steps taken by us, the average people. Doing it ourselves and not waiting for initiatives. Small efforts, Being Vocal, Being concerned.

Let’s start before it is too late.

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  1. Ben Naga says:

    Progress is not progress if we are going in the wrong direction. 😦

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  2. srijan says:

    i liked your tagline. your words are quite thought provoking. wishing you the best.


  3. Well said. ❀

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  4. Priya MK says:

    I’m from South India and I’m living in the Mideast now. Once a year I go home to India and it actually pains to see lesser and lesser green every year!

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    1. I know. It is even more painful to see the destruction in process so regularly here. A very sharo pain.


  5. ledrakenoir says:

    Yes “Let’s start before it is too late” – you are so right. πŸ™‚

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  6. buddy71 says:

    I like how you describe your home. It’s hard to keep a balance between nature and humanity.

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    1. Yes. It is difficult.


  7. mroseberry6 says:

    Some places I visited in India are seriously greening up by planting copious amounts of trees. What part of Jharkhand are you from?


  8. smilecalm says:

    more trees
    fewer people πŸ™‚

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    1. It goes the other way around at present, sadly!


  9. tedgiffin says:

    I understand the love of trees. I left the Midwest of America for a time only to discover that my art suffered for the lack of trees. So I moved home and feel relieved for doing so…

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    1. It feels like it is shrinking, the home as well…the forest everywhere!
      Isn’t it?

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      1. tedgiffin says:

        I agree it is shrinking, and It can be kinda scary.

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  10. alokr96 says:

    Clearing forest for growing grass. hmm that’s really how things are going.
    You see barkagaon road, the sorrow of development has blackened leaves and trees.

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    1. Yes. Everywhere.
      But isn’t discussed anywhere! Not even in our daily lives.


  11. Peter Klopp says:

    This is not just a problem in your part of India that is still green, It is a world-wide problem wherever people flock together in the big population centres. Urbanization is spreading like a cancer around the globe. Thank you for your post on the status of nature in your community!

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    1. Thank you so much for going through!

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  12. Ayush says:

    After shifting to Uttar Pradesh trees are the things I miss the most… Development here simply means roads and electricity… *No PEACE required*.

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  13. Clearing away all the trees to just manicure grass??? What are kids supposed to climb on? I know, I know—there are legal liability issues—too bad!

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    1. The Walls they build around the park!
      It is so ironical.

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      1. Oh yeah—I’ve seen them!

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  15. Divya mathur says:

    It’s high time we start the discussion about our environment and planet…..a great step in that direction πŸ‘

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    1. Thank you Divya!
      People will start vacating Churu in a few years!


  16. Nautilus says:

    “As if Trees are show pieces and Parks their museums.”

    Very well said. Straight, frank, and deep.

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    1. katelon says:

      Great post. It is tin we honor our planet more.

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      1. Thank you for going through!

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    2. Thank you so much for going through!


  17. Akanksha Tirkey says:

    Simple yet honest words of today’s reality … Today’s development is nothing but a temporary satisfaction for a span of governance to lure people to believe that’s something is happening , but the true development would had been if the natural beauty had been preserved …

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