Glimps.XYZ app – Revolutionizing Features

Ever thought of knowing more about the unknown interesting personality you suddenly came across one day? Check out the Glimps app, with the never thought before opportunity of face to face interaction. Interact with anyone you come across by their appearance without the fear of revealing your personal details. And interact only if you choose to. Its idea of S-Reach or ‘Reach of search’ is about to revolutionize the new internet.

Unsatisfied with the job-opportunities you are getting on the job-giving platforms? You deserve definitely more than what you have been getting there. Since, how they work is money-oriented. Pay a lot to find employees, and also to push your resume. Loss of resources on these middlemen. Solution? The Glimps app has this revolutionizing idea of direct interaction between the employer and employee. You get a chance to interact with the heads directly, keeping in view your location you get the job-opportunity directly as well! And profile-ratings to avoid fraud.

How boring it is to scroll on Facebook all day long and see the likes, comments of a limited number of people of the friend circle? The same scrolling between work, talks, meals and nothing new on the feed. The Glimps app fixes this issue with the newest concept of Floating Feed. In which your feed changes according to your location. So, every time you change places, depending on the surrounding your feed changes. And has something new for you each time. An absolutely new and interesting idea!

Link to the app-

-Mrinalini Raj


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