An year away from Home, and I turned into a Foodie. It taught me to Love and RESPECT Food as an art. An ‘ART WITH A PAST’.

If an Indian, you’ll have a variety on your platter. A LARGE VARIETY !

Food was Fie for me, till fed with  softwheat-baked-‘chappati’  at home. Morons know no value of what they possess. I admit ! An year outside home, and I realised what struggle it is with TASTE. 

Never the less, the struggle was not long. I eventually started exploring the variety in food.I realised Food is like language;it has its own identity.

Every Recipe has an origin, it has the essence of the place it was born-in, and the beauty of those it was experimented-in. 

‘KESAR JALÈBI'( the featured image)popular as a dessert in India, is believed to have been brought by PERSIAN-INVADERS in the 15th C. to India. The name ‘Jalèbi’ is an Arabic Derivation, The addition of   Saffron(kesar), Rabri, to this Sugar-Coated recipe,is a touch of the other countries. 

When away from Nation, it is Food that associates you with your Culture, makes you feel you have ‘Roots’. More interesting is the study of balancing the flavours, a wrong step, and either it’s a successful experiment or a threat to the eater. 

Food yields-up being a Magic ! Once you love it, you’ll Learn Respecting it.


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