While I see most following and admiring the West, and each trying to fit in the ‘Set-Standards’, I can’t help my pure Indian taste, be that in music or in  the diverse traditional-food. Though no grudges against the Lovers of West, you have your freedom of choice and they’ve been worth at times. It rather turns out to be difficult for me instead, being a minority in taste,in this generation of ‘POKÈMON GO’.

That’s how the idea of this article came-up. I’m not shy in bragging the Indian-Classics and Culture, I’m proud. This is my admiration for Indian Heritage, its beauty, its ‘Civic-Sense’, its upbringing. No doubt there are negatives but why not give some time looking at the prevailing-potential.

I’ve tried keeping it short,simple and not preachy.

Indian Food; it can turn people into Foodies and there’s no better start. Here each hundred miles has its own speciality. Dosa to Dhuska, kheer to khaandvi. We usually love spicy, but there’s a balance of spices which is true to the recipe. It’s not always the blind-pouring of ‘Laal-Mirch’ and ‘Ghee’. There’s a love for its variety in food which no Cheesy-stuff can suffice for us.

Historical sites; this country is rich. Places have their tales, they have their odour. Their stories will surprise. Palaces to Fields, Thar to Jharkhand, this country makes people fell for its variety. 

My parents love Kabirdas‘s couplets, they always have one which suits the situation. I grew-up, with them together recalling the Hindilegendary poets. While my friends learnt Harmonium and Tabla, went for their Kathak classes, which is what I could never understand then, but feel its absence now.The need to inherit,appreciate my own Culture and unravel its depth urges me. We’ve grown-up hearing of the melodies the legends like Mohammad Rafi,  Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar gave. 

These are the favourite ones known to all.I’ve yet not mentioned the wide range of our musical instruments and Classical Dance, nor the Folk-Singers.

Art, Choice,has no regional boundaries;but,taking it up, for  ‘The herd does the same is,well…’


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  1. Thank you for following my blog – I am really happy that this is how I found your blog and I am glad to return the favor.

    This article really touched me – as I am from the West and people from the West seem to adapt the lifestyle and tastes of the East. Or maybe more correct adapting the things they like.

    I really enjoy myself the diversity of globalization like having restaurants from nearly every place in the world in our cities. Although I think they change the recipes according to the taste of Europeans. Or traveling and learn about other cultures. Meeting people from all over the world. Or follow their blogs πŸ˜‰ But I think this wanderlust is because we do want to leave our everyday life. I guess it is just the problem that we often do not take the time to see the beauty around us. In former days it was “somewhere over the rainbow” nowadays as internet and planes connect the world it is the other side of the world people are dreaming of.

    It is a pleasure to read about your culture on this blog.

    Kind regards,

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  2. I’ll agree with you that a large percentage of urban Indians feel that aping west and adopting their culture is way forward. Anything and everything associated with “Indian-ness” is supposedly “backward” for them. They don’t realise that westerners are realizing the emptiness of their popular culture and society.

    We have abandoned our heritage seeking new things. I appreciate your love for Indian culture and heritage! great going Mrinalini!

    BTW, where was this picture clicked?

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  3. You are teaching us about your culture. Thank you. So different,so unfair at times that we are born where we are. Westerners are sometimes so ignorant of other cultures but I embrace learning how other cultures feel,live and love….

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