DEITY SCULPTURE (Street Photography)


Glimps.XYZ app – Revolutionizing Features

You get a chance to interact with the heads directly, keeping in view your location you get the job-opportunity directly as well!

Shakespeare: Short piece in translation to Hindi.

SHAKESPEARE- When it comes to Literature, who is not aware of Shakespeare's name! Over the last five centuries the world has come across thousands of adaptations of Shakespeare's work, be that movies like ‘Romeo+Juliet' or ‘Haider'. Shakespeare is probably the most well known of all writers. He gave tragedies which scares the reader and created... Continue Reading →

In memory-GAYA. (Poetry)

I search you in your Faded bricks,in your Colours incomprehensible, Your barren mornings,in Those sly nights. Your pretentious laugh Talks of that past Flickering in your corners, But those eyelids hide the Present;shattered behind The dusty mist.

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